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A man opens a plane's emergency door, causing

by:Cheerong     2020-03-12
The reporter learned from the Mianyang Civil Aviation Administration of Sichuan Province that during the disembarkation of a plane recently, a man felt the cabin was sweltering and opened the emergency hatch of the plane smoothly, which caused the aircraft's slide to slide out and was damaged. Relevant laws and regulations were administratively detained for 15 days. According to the Mianyang Civil Aviation Administration's report, on April 27, after the 8L9720 Sanya-Mianyang flight arrived at Mianyang Airport, during the disembarkation process, a man with a surname of Chen felt the cabin was sweltering and opened the emergency hatch on the left side of the aircraft, resulting in an aircraft suspension The slip-out was damaged, and his behavior has violated relevant laws and regulations. At present, the man has been administratively detained for 15 days according to law by the Mianyang Airport Public Security Bureau. The airline is studying the related matters of recovering compensation for the passenger. It is understood that it is an illegal act for passengers to open the emergency hatch of the aircraft without authorization. According to Article 25 (1) (4) of the Civil Aviation Safety and Security Regulations: 'The following acts are prohibited in aircraft: theft, vandalism or unauthorized removal of life-saving articles and equipment'. According to Article 34 of the Law on Public Security Management Penalties, 'Those who steal, damage, or unauthorizedly move in-use aviation facilities or forcibly enter the aircraft cockpit shall be detained for more than 10 days and less than 15 days.' The Mianyang Civil Aviation Administration of Sichuan Province stated that flight delays, labor costs, and equipment loss costs caused by the accidental release of escape slides are very large, and the cost often exceeds 100,000 yuan. In case the inflatable slide is damaged during the release process, The amount of loss will be as high as several hundred thousand yuan.
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