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Aircraft catering truck Model: CMTLS60, without refrigeration

Aircraft catering truck Model: CMTLS60, without refrigeration
Place of Origin:
Hubei, China (Mainland)
Model Number:
Lead Time:
30 day(s) after payment received

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Used for aircraft models

A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, B707, B727, B737, B747, B757, B767, B777, DC8, 1L—18, 1L—62, MD11, MD80 etc., excluding Airbus A380.

Operating Performance

Front loading: 2,730m to 6150m;
Payload: 4,000kg.


SUZU MLD-6Q, Manual

Seat Position of Driving

Left side


Overall dimension: 9900*2550*3880mm;

Van body (exterior): 7200(L)*2480(W) *2400(H)mm, insulated, non-skid aluminum floor;
Fixed platform (near the door of van): 1400mm(L)*2480mm(W), anti-skid aluminum floor, with 1000kg loading capacity.

Driving speed    

Max. 30km/hr
Electric system   24V DC



ISUZU commercial chassis, featuring sophisticated techniques, safe and reliable, more superior than the same kind truck with other China-made chassis.


Hydraulic system
Main hydraulics is used of American and European brands, the hydraulic reversing valve is one-piece with hand and electrics. There area filter between hydraulic pump and control valve, every outlet has two-way lockup valve;

It’s equipped with pressure gauge, emergency pump, hand pump.


Type of scissor lifting

finite element analysis optimized scissors lift that minimizes stress concentrations and provides low weight with long service life.


Safety interlocks mechanism and emergency stop systems

Multiple interlocks mechanism and emergency stop systems prevent the potential damage to aircraft and personnel even the vehicle is malfunctioned at the worst scenario. 

When PTO is workable, if the transmission put into gear, the vehicle can’t be moved.

If the supporting legs can’t back to the original location, the vehicle can’t be moved.

When the van body lifting, will sent sound and light alarm

If the van body can’t back to the original location, the outriggers can’t be taken back.

If extensive platform can’t back to the original location, the van body can’t be lowed down.

When reversing, should equip with audible warning signal。

Should equip with joint control button

If the supporting legs can’t back to the original location, the van body can’t be lifted.

The rubber-sleeve of front platform install proximity switch, sensing distance is 100mm

The internal and external van body control interlock device of its lifting.

Electric emergency system, it can operate the lifting and lowing of platform and van body and outriggers.

Manual emergency system, it can make the van body up and down and take back outriggers, completion time is more than 5 minutes.

Traction equipment, the front and rear end vehicle are installed coupling device.

Ergonomically-designed controls and gauges

Quick, easy to read and simple to operate, the ergonomically-designed controls and gauges on the catering truck allow the operator to concentrate on production.


Optional Fleet management system (if add it, extra fee collected)

Optional fleet management system offers integrated inter-vehicles communication and data transmission, and server-client communication between vehicles and central control station.


Optional Equipment (it can be added as your demand, extra fee collected)
Canopy, electro-hydraulically controlled
360°vision system


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