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Analysis of advertising effect and advertising

by:Cheerong     2020-03-04
The airport luggage trolley is a temporary transportation tool set by the airport for passengers carrying large luggage. With the continuous activities of passengers in the terminal, the advertisements on the luggage trolley are also spread to a wider audience, which greatly improves Advertisement exposure has become a medium with better performance and lower price. Because the passenger flow of each airport is different, the advertising effect and delivery price are also different. The following is a detailed analysis of this airport advertising media for everyone. Airport luggage trolleys have full-time staff to return them to their homes, have a high reuse rate, and passengers in the terminal can repeatedly receive advertising messages. Airport luggage trolleys are distributed in various areas in the terminal building. The strong mobility determines that luggage trolleys can cover more passengers. Compared with other fixed-position media, it greatly increases the exposure of advertisements.
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