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Aviation Luggage Container Dolly
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Hubei, China (Mainland)
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1. Technical parameters and performance

(1) mainly used to load LD1, LD2, LD3 aviation containers, containe orientation 

adjustable, easy to load.

(2) size specifications

  A. Overall size: 3750mm × 1800mm × 560mm;

  B. Platform size: 1920mm × 1600mm × 508mm;

(3) the main parameters

  A. The main frame is made by 8 # channel steel;

  B. Tire size 15” × 4.5”, ultra-wear-resistant solid tires;

  C. Rated speed: 25km/h;

  D. Rated load: 1600kg;

  E. Weight: around 720kg.


2. Roller mechanism


(1) High quality;

(2) roller with φ76mm × 4mm (galvanized) seamless steel pipe;

(3) the number is 26pcs, 24pcs long ones fixed in two rows; 2 short ones fixed in the front and rear.

3. Insurance device (the function is similar to the baffle of 7ton dolly)

(1) material selection Maanshan Iron and Steel Group of high quality steel;(2) The safety device is made of castings and machined parts.


4. Front and rear wheels

(1) the total number is 4, size 15” × 4.5”;(2) the bridge bar is made of φ76 × 4mm seamless steel pipe;(3) bearing selection Harbin Bearing Factory bearing;(4) Tire selection Shanghai Jiuda ultra-wear-resistant solid tires;(5) Tire bearing and turntable are equipped with butter mouth.


5. Towbar and brake mechanism

A. Material selection Maanshan Iron and Steel Group of high quality steel;

B. The Towbar has a dual function of connecting and braking (the towbar can be braked when you drop)

C. Towbar is mainly made by Φ42 * 5 seamless steel pipe;

D. Brakes using towbar pressure brakes, the way to rely on the towbar lift, towbar top block to push the brake lever, so brake pads close to the wheel direction, play the braking effect;

7. Post-hook mechanism

(1) materials used Maanshan Iron and Steel Group of high quality steel;(2) the hook fixed plate is 20mm thickness steel plate, diameter 38mm pin;(3) hook with triple protection device:A. Handle fixed ring safety device, the handle will be placed in the fixed ring groove, to prevent the handle rotation;B. Install the stopper at the bottom of the pin and slot it

at the lug, and the pin can be pulled out when the handle is rotated by 90 °;C. The pin is fitted with a spring card device. When the handle is rotated by 90 °, the pin can be pulled out.(4) the hook is welded in the body, and reinforced by reinforcement plate in order to increase the strength (see below).



7. Rotating mechanism


A. Material selection Maanshan Iron and Steel Group of high quality steel;

B. Dolly top rack can be rotated 360 °, self-stop limit angle of 90 °;



8. Surface treatment


Color paint


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