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Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport baby stroller

by:Cheerong     2020-02-29
The 'Shuangliu (Weibo) Airport Baby Stroller' is now officially put into use. Once the stroller is put in, it is immediately popular! Because it is safe and convenient to use, it has been warmly welcomed and has now become a beautiful scenery of Shuangliu Airport. Where can I Find Baby Strollers? 150 free-to-use baby strollers are distributed at the B security checkpoint and the C security checkpoint in the T1 terminal of Shuangliu International Airport, a total of 60; the E finger corridor, FG finger corridor, DE security checkpoint and FG security checkpoint in T2 terminal, A total of 90 vehicles. It's easy to use! Baomabao dads can pick up the car from the security checkpoint or any other place and use it to the boarding gate. After use, there is no need to push it to the designated place to return it. The trolley service department equipped at the airport will sort it back to the security checkpoint and other finger corridors Point. Ten characteristics of baby stroller: 1. New color styles with excellent maintainability and cleanliness; 2. Equipped with a special baby seat (suitable for infants from 2 to 36 months, under weight); 3. The seat uses a soft headrest backrest that can support the child's head steadily; 4. The seat is equipped with large pillars and can safely support children; 5. Equipped with seat belts with large buttons and color matching in the case of color weakness; 6. Large baffle design makes children more comfortable and safer; 7, equipped with a proprietary handle sheath, safe and practical, the sheath is marked with a warning sign; 8. More convenient luggage hook design; 9, four guide wheels, flexible and convenient rotation; 10. The material meets national or international standards related to children's product safety;
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