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Daxing Airport luggage trolley implements 'one

by:Cheerong     2020-03-17
The reporter learned from Beijing Daxing International Airport that at present the airport has 24 passenger temperature measurement points and 32 channels, to achieve full coverage of the airport two-way passenger temperature measurement, luggage trolley handrails, toilets and other places to achieve 'one passenger one disinfection.' This morning, the Daxing Airport terminal was slightly deserted. Only a small number of passengers with suitcases wearing masks entered the airport. Passengers can check in without having to wait in line. A meter line was set up in front of the help desk, and a distance was used in front of the help desk to isolate the service desk. On-site service staff wore masks and goggles. In the terminal, workers are holding disinfection watering cans and rags, and are disinfecting the armrests of carts. 'As long as the luggage trolleys used by passengers, we need to disinfect the handrails once. Each check-in island must disinfect more than 100 vehicles throughout the day.' Yan Dandan, trolley cleaner. According to the person in charge, in addition to the 'one passenger, one disinfection' measure, Daxing Airport currently sterilizes the trolleys 4 times during the day during the day, and performs a full cleaning at night, and the trolleys are disinfected at high temperature. Hou Lei, business manager of Daxing Airport Operation Management Department, said that the flight volume of Daxing Airport has decreased since the outbreak. At present, the daily flight volume is stable at about 80 flights, and the flight schedule is still dynamically adjusted every day. In terms of the number of passengers, before the outbreak of epidemic prevention and control was launched, the peak daily average number of passengers during the Spring Festival reached more than 40,000, and it is currently maintained at 5,500. After entering March, there are two remaining international flights with normal take-off and landing at Daxing Airport. These are the routes from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing Daxing and Lisbon via Xi'an to Beijing Daxing. The remaining international flights have been temporarily cancelled. Chen Xue, deputy general manager of Daxing Airport Terminal Management Department, introduced that in terms of passenger health, Daxing Airport urgently purchased temperature measurement equipment and set up 24 and 32 channels for passenger temperature measurement, realizing temperature measurement for passengers entering and leaving the airport and transit passengers. Full coverage. And according to passenger flow, it can be increased to 41 channels to ensure smooth flow of high-volume passengers under the strict implementation of personnel temperature measurement measures. At the same time, it has achieved full coverage of video surveillance on the main flow of passengers entering and leaving the port, ensuring accurate back-checking and full coverage of the path passed by the suspects diagnosed or infected, quickly checking close contacts, and taking corresponding isolation measures in time. In terms of fresh air protection, a new wind operation mode is adopted during the daily flight operation in the terminal. In terms of disinfection and sterilization protection, the terminal has implemented disinfection work in the entire region, with full coverage and uniform standards. Including disinfection of key areas accessible to passengers such as toilets, escalator handrails, seats, charging bars, mobile robots, etc., disinfection of key areas such as mother and baby rooms every 2 hours, and the toilets are 'one guest, one clean' Standards, and also publicize the disinfection. Chen Xue said that at present, when passengers enter the terminal, they need to take a temperature measurement and wear a mask. For passengers who do not wear masks, the airport has set up 13 mask issuing points, and passengers can collect them after registering with their real names. The reporter also noticed that the airport also set up a meter line at places such as check-in security, catering counters, toilets and elevators. In order to facilitate the shopping of tourists, all commercial shops at Daxing Airport are still operating normally. In order to prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic, passengers entering Beijing at Daxing Airport must use the Beijing Tong APP or search for the 'Beijing Heart Support' applet on Baidu, WeChat, and Alipay to register the relevant information of the passengers, and go to the community and hotel where they live Report to check.
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