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Fully automatic winding machine

by:Cheerong     2020-03-23
Fully automatic winding machine is the most common machine with wrapping film as the packaging material. It is mainly suitable for the automatic winding packaging of trays or articles with a tray shape. At present, there are mainly winding single machines and fully automatic winding machines for the market. The full-automatic winding machine is divided into full-automatic tray winding machine and full-automatic swing arm machine according to different requirements. It perfectly realizes the online high-speed unattended automatic packaging process, effectively saving manpower, revolutionarily improving efficiency, This is an inevitable trend of winding packaging development, which is in line with the development of China's economic structure from labor-intensive to technology-intensive. Jinan Robopack Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has concentrated on a large number of technological innovations based on the problems that have occurred in similar products that have restricted such machines. It has developed a new type of automatic film loading and unloading mechanism. 1. Small and compact: The densely arranged method is used to make the installation space more than 50% less than the traditional method; 2. Reliable: The special sandwiching method ensures that the reliability of the front and rear stack trays can reach 100%; 3. Welding of the film tail: The tail after packaging is completely gone. When transporting and entering the automatic warehouse, there will not be any additional interference caused by wrapping the package, and a blowing device will be installed to plug the film of the head into the film. 4. It can be equipped with the function of automatic moving device: It can satisfy the free choice of products with different specifications on the packaging line, and also has perfect packaging effect. 5. High efficiency: The packaging efficiency reaches more than 60 pieces / hour.
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