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Lionel Messi spends $ 15 million on plane purchase

by:Cheerong     2020-02-25
Tencent Sports, Dec. 9 News from the Spanish media 'Aspen' said that Barcelona star Messi recently spent 15 million US dollars to buy a private jet, while at the same time giving the plane an Argentina license. It is reported that the tail of the Messi plane has the ‘10’ sign. At the same time, on the folding stairs up and down the plane, each step is written with the names of Messi ’s family members. Messi is the top star in world football today, and just signed a huge salary contract with Barcelona last year. He can get 39.5 million euros from Barcelona every season, plus other business endorsements, Messi's The annual income is even more shocking. In April of this year, 'French Football' claimed that Messi's total revenue in the past year reached 100 million euros. Messi, who has a huge income, has recently purchased a private jet for the better life of his family and his family. The 2004 model 'Gulfstream G550' cost Messi 15 million US dollars (13 million euros). Some netizens on the Internet broke the news that the plane was originally watched by a Chinese mine owner, but was eventually captured by Messi. The Argentine star improved the appearance of the aircraft. The tail of the aircraft was sprayed with the 'No. 10' sign representing Messi. At the same time, the plane ’s folding stairs were written with Messi ’s family members Names-Antonella, Thiago, Mateo, Siro and Messi's own names. At the same time, the 'Aspen' said that the interior of the aircraft is also very luxurious, with a total of 16 seats, and the seats can form eight beds, while the aircraft is also equipped with two kitchens and two bathrooms. At present, the aircraft has arrived in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, Messi's home country, and Messi also has an Argentine license for this aircraft. At the same time, Messi also decided to Fernando City built a hangar to house the luxurious private jet. In fact, before Messi, Ronaldo purchased a private jet. Ronaldo bought a Gulfstream G200 worth 19 million euros, which is also one of the most luxurious business jets in the world. The authorized capacity of such a private jet is 8-10, and all its equipment is state-of-the-art. It is reported that the aircraft has a separate toilet for the crew and passengers, as well as wardrobes, telephones, fax machines, microwave ovens, electric ovens, the Internet, refrigerators and some entertainment equipment. Neymar also owns private jets, which cost 10 million euros, which is lower than Messi's.
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