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Luggage arrives home, trolleys are disinfected

by:Cheerong     2020-02-23
As the first China International Import Expo is approaching, as the airports that directly affect Chinese and foreign guests' first impressions of Shanghai, Shanghai Hongqiao and Pudong Airports are welcoming the Expo through “safe, convenient, and humanized” high-quality service guarantees. The holding of the meeting. In order to welcome the expo with an overall image of atmosphere, cleanliness and grace, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport deepened and promoted the comprehensive improvement of the city's appearance and environment, covering road reconstruction in the east and west, public green space reconstruction, P6, P7 parking garage reconstruction, river channels Remediation, overhead line arrangement and other content, including 12 roads and landscapes, Nanweichang River, Beiweichang River governance, 8 public green spaces, 2 landscape lighting, 13 building facades and other auxiliary facilities improvement and so on. As of mid-October, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport has completed road landscape improvement area of ??about 42,464㎡, public green space improvement area of ??about 43,402㎡, planted 451 trees, 18078㎡ of shrubs, 10787㎡ of grass flowers, and 31645㎡ of lawns. Slope repair, slow walkway construction, water quality ecological management, pipeline relocation and other methods are used to arrange the river bank landscape to achieve the goal of 'water and clean shore and green scenery' of the airport river; complete the road overhead line access, multi-pole integration and green coverage, etc. Work, in the stage of entering the Bo sprint, Hongqiao Airport has completed the placement of 35 passenger lines and more than 100 publicity columns. In order to better provide Shanghai tourist information consulting services for domestic and foreign tourists, the Shanghai Tourism Consulting Service Center has been newly opened. The center is located in the Hongqiao Terminal 2 Arrival Pick-up Hall with a large number of passengers. The daily operating hours are from 9:00 to 21:00. At the same time, many convenient services were launched to address the one-stop tourist service needs of tourists. After nearly 60 days of arduous construction, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport has completely updated 10 Chinese characters and 80 English characters on the roof of T2 Terminal. After the new transformation, from the aspects of visual comfort, safety and energy saving, LED lights with dimming function are used as the brand light source. The new dimming control module can set the dimming level according to demand and uniformly access T2 aviation. The intelligent lighting system of the station is controlled so that the brightness of the light source can be changed as required. The large characters on the roof have also changed from the original 'dignified red' to both 'elegant red' and 'arrogant red'. 'Hongqiao Airport', a signboard of Shanghai Airlines Gateway, presents a new and beautiful image. As one of the guarantee service items of the Expo, Hongqiao Airport has also launched a 'Luggage to Home' charge service. This service counter is located opposite the No. 28 baggage carousel on the arrival floor of Hongqiao Terminal 2. The business hours are 9: 00-24: 00 , Basically covering the 'full time' of passengers arriving in Hong Kong. When the passenger arrives at the airport, they can go to the 'Luggage at Home' service counter and simply scan the QR code to place an order. The luggage can be entrusted to the designated location for delivery, which innovatively solves the inconvenience of arriving passengers with their luggage. Difficulties allow passengers to put down the “burden”, save effort, worry, and travel easily. It is reported that a piece of baggage can be delivered by a special address in Shanghai as fast as 1-3 hours; ordinary delivery is expected to take about 4-6 hours Up to (after 20:00 delivery the next day). 手 Trolleys are shared by tens of thousands of passengers every day. The cleanliness of the trolleys is also a concern that cannot be ignored. Recently, the Hongqiao Airport's 'Seven Stars' trolley service has made another move. The airport introduced imported trolley sterilizers to add 'insurance' to passenger cars and add a 'reassurance'. It is reported that Hongqiao Airport is the first airport in China to use a trolley disinfection machine. This disinfection machine uses the principle of ultraviolet disinfection. The trolley enters the disinfection equipment. The parts of the body that passengers often come in contact with, including the handlebars, baskets and bezels, only A 5-minute trolley can perform all-round sterilization. A total of 3 trolley disinfection equipment were added to Hongqiao Airport, of which 1 in Terminal 1 and 2 in Terminal 2 are located in the baggage pick-up turntable area on the arrival floor. The team members of the trolleys will uniformly disinfect the trolleys at a fixed time every day. It can sterilize 8 trolleys at the same time, providing more detailed and safe car protection for Chinese and foreign guests. At Shanghai Pudong Airport, recently, environmental improvement and upgrading have been carried out for 69 projects such as access roads, landscaping, and terminal environment. Through measures such as increasing green areas, vegetation, lighting renovation, and floor location updates, Pudong The overall environmental quality of the airport has been improved. Zhang Chendan, the person in charge of the management of the property management section of the Pudong Airport Terminal Management Department, told reporters that Pudong Airport has transformed the comprehensive maternity room in the traffic center. While making full use of every inch of space in the original maternity room, it has developed breastfeeding. , Nursing, rest, entertainment four functional areas, equipped with professional baby care mats, constant temperature milk warmer, fast heating net drinker and other international first-class products, and the use of a dedicated service management mode, cleaning staff with early childhood experience can Provide personal and meticulous services for mothers and babies. The opening of the passenger service center also effectively integrates the previously decentralized service counters such as hotels, tourism, and car rental to help travelers solve problems in one stop. In addition to inquiries, the passenger center also provides convenient services, including background music and book shelves. , Personalized reminder cards, convenience service packs, etc. At the same time, considering that some passengers are not good at English, Pudong Airport has established a multi-language 'air translation' project team consisting of on-site inquiry staff, foreign language volunteer service teams, and small language talent teams to help passengers from small language countries to better Solve the problem. In addition, humanized services such as themed toilets, passenger service centers, 'love channel' care services, free dedicated line shuttle services to the pavilion, and taxi station upgrades all reflect Pudong Airport's efforts to improve the passenger experience. .
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