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Saudi King visits China with over 500 tons of luggage

by:Cheerong     2020-02-22
King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Shat arrived in China on Wednesday for a three-day state visit. This is the fifth leg of Salman's Asian tour ... As the richest king in the world, Salmanal-Saud's carry-on luggage seems more attractive than a state visit. It is reported that Salman's travel baggage weighed 506 tons, including two Mercedes-Benz S600 luxury cars and two gold-plated automatic gangways. After the king arrived on the destination by a customized Boeing 747 gold-plated special plane, he got off the plane through the gold-plated automatic gangway The ramp even has gates. Salman has begun to visit Asian countries since February. The itinerary includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Japan, China, Maldives and Jordan. Every trip is huge. Tableware, carpet, sofa, TV and other daily necessities are divided For 27 flights, the head of JAS Air Cargo revealed that the company needed to employ more than 570 employees. In addition, a delegation of 1,500 people, including 150 chefs and 25 princes, will fly on 36 flights. When they visited Indonesia earlier, the delegation had at least 5 luxury hotels, including Bulgari. A private villa worth $ 4400 per night. This is Salman's first visit to China since he succeeded the Saudi King in 2015. According to foreign media reports, Salman's visit to China may seek China to mediate the dispute between Saudi Arabia and neighboring Iran, while strengthening Saudi Arabia ’s “eastward advance” strategy in recent years; and discussing with China the “Saudi Vision 2030” and “One Belt” The “One Way” initiative is linked. In addition, Saudi Arabia is deeply interested in Chinese investors, and Saudi Aramco ’s US $ 2 trillion IPO plan is also one of the important topics.
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