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This technology saves airport passengers from

by:Cheerong     2020-03-16
Civil Aviation Resources Network September 12, 2017 news: According to the South China Morning Post, thanks to a real-time artificial intelligence (AI) -based monitoring system developed by Chinese university engineers, air passengers arriving at Hong Kong Airport may no longer need to worry No luggage trolleys are available. 系统 The system's AI will analyze the video of trolleys placed in designated areas of the airport, similar to existing face recognition technology. When the system detects that there are fewer than 50 carts, it will send a message to the cart administrator through a smartphone app to remind him to replenish the cart. 介绍 The research and development team of this system introduced that since the trial deployment in the baggage claim area of ??Hong Kong Airport in November last year, the system has achieved an accuracy of 92% in detecting the number of trolleys. Team leader Professor Zheng Jinxiong said: 'The airport encountered difficulties with insufficient trolleys, so they turned to the logistics and supply chain management enabling technology R & D center. After a simple trial in 2014, they were excited about the feasibility of the system. ' About 13,000 luggage trolleys are installed in Hong Kong Airport, serving 7.05 million passengers to and from the airport each year. Previously, the trolleys were replenished after the administrator personally checked the number of trolleys available to passengers. Professor Zheng Jinxiong said, 'The problem is that the number of trolleys at that time was available, but if there were 600 large passengers landing at the airport, the trolleys would all be pushed away quickly. And you cannot assign passengers to different On the luggage carousel, they are all going to the same luggage carousel. ' 管理员 The trolley administrator will not find that the trolleys have been pushed away until the next round of inspection, and the newly deployed system can immediately notify the administrator to supplement when it detects that the number of trolleys is insufficient. Au Chris Au Young, General Manager of Hong Kong Airport Authority's Intelligent Airport, said the system improves the availability of trolleys in the baggage claim area. According to Professor Zhengxiong Zheng, the system is 'a low-cost solution' because the technology can be installed on existing camera networks in any area. However, it is difficult to implement the system outdoors, because the unstable lighting in the outdoor area affects the system's ability to accurately calculate the number of available trolleys. However, Professor Zheng Jinxiong said that his team is studying how to improve the system and hopes that the system can be deployed outdoors in the near future. Other airports, government agencies, and storage departments have also shown interest in this system. 'Because trolley management is a common challenge for most airports around the world, this will be a good opportunity to export this solution, and Hong Kong International Airport will be a good example of its commercial benefits,' said Au Young. 的 The image captured by this system will only show the trolley, and the surrounding area will be automatically blurred to protect privacy.
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