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Aircraft kitchen equipment - airline trolley

by:Cheerong     2020-03-24
Tianchang Cheers Metal Limited is a Chinese company specializing in the production of high-quality aviation catering equipment. Its full-size push carts are sold worldwide and can be customized according to customer needs. The following briefly introduces the characteristics of the airline trolley: Full-size airline trolley (with dry ice box) Technical characteristics of airborne dining trolleys: The airborne dining trolleys are designed for the transportation of food and beverages on various types of aviation aircraft. They have the advantages of beautiful appearance, light and flexible use, and excellent braking performance. Car body: Box-type sealing structure with heat preservation effect. The removable doors, side panels, bottom and top panels are conducive to the replacement and maintenance of components, and reduce maintenance costs. The inner plate is integrally stamped and formed, which is beautiful and easy to clean inside the box. The surface decoration material is selected by the airline, and the top plate is made of stainless steel grain. Door lock: The door lock is flexible and firm. You can choose to touch the latch, three-point latch, and have lead seal holes and padlock holes. Brake: (Reliable brake mechanism) There are four all-stainless steel double parallel casters on the bottom, each wheel is equipped with double bearings. Red and green control pedals, red is used to brake, green is used to release the brake. Standard dining car: It complies with GB11333-89 'Sanitary Standards for Aluminum Food Containers' and GB4807-84 'Sanitary Standards for Food Rubbers'. It obtained the wholesale 'Parts Design / Production Approval Letter' 'CDC0011' from China Civil Aviation Administration. Food truck materials: The flame retardant requirements meet the relevant standards of CCAR-25 'Chinese Civil Aviation Regulations Part 25'.
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