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Conveyor Belt Loader, Model RS5040

Conveyor Belt Loader, Model RS5040
Place of Origin:
Hubei, China (Mainland)
Model Number:
Brand Name:
Lead Time:
30 day(s) after payment received

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11. The speed of moving the belt is adjustable: 9.6-30 m / min

12. The presence of the cabin: closed, glazed, with a windshield wiper and washer on the windshield; Front-view mirrors; A heater of a cabin and a blowing of glasses; The driver's seat; Steering wheel; The instrument panel with the controls of the conveyor and the button of the sound signal; Parking brake control lever.

13. The presence of a lateral fixed fence on the left arrow with double extension and folding guide 100 mm high right

14. The presence of shock absorbers for docking with the aircraft on the front of the boom. The presence of soft damper devices on the back of the boom.

15. Drive of a conveyor belt from a hydraulic motor

16.Conveyor belt is profiled, with non-slip coating

17. Power plant: Perkins 404D22 diesel engine or equivalent

18. Transmission-hydrodynamic Graziano PST2 or equivalent

19. Steering - on a forward axis with the hydraulic booster of a wheel

20. Brake system:(1)service brake - hydraulic, foot: front disc, rear drum:

(2) parking brake - mechanical, manual


21. Electrical equipment:(1) working electrical equipment - 12 V;(2) Luminous signal system (headlights and lanterns with side lights, stop signals, direction indicators, reverse lights);(3)work lighting (location - under the boom in the front or on the roof of the cabin);(4)dashboard;(5)Flashing Light;(6) protective grilles on the front lights and tail lights;(7) a sound signal (buzzer) when the reverse gear is engaged;(8) switch "mass";(9) Relay and fuse blocks - in boxes (boxes, flaps) with convenient location for personnel, in dust and waterproof design;

22. Hydraulic system:(1)hydromotor, hydraulic cylinder for lifting and lowering the boom;(2) hydraulic pump;(3) Hydraulic distributor;(4) hydro-tank;(5) emergency manual pump (one person control);

23. Chassis - anti-corrosion performance;

24. Pneumatic tires, reinforced;

25. Conveyor speed is at least 18 km / h

26. Protective functions:Can not move when:(1) The movement of the tape is on,(2) the parking brake is installed,Can not move the tape when:(1) the parking brake is not applied;

27. Color: white

28. Operating instructions, technical description in Russian and spare parts catalog;

29. Operating conditions: -30 ... +50 С

30. The delivery time is not more than 150 calendar days

31. Training of the supplier of personnel engaged in operation and maintenance of the conveyor;

32. Experience in the production of self-propelled electrical conveyors - not less than 10 years

33. The number of self-propelled electrical conveyors produced and / or sold is not less than 2000 units for the last 5 years;

34. Warranty period of operation, not less than 24 months or 2000 hours, which is hurried earlier.


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