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Airport trolley staff found 300,000 yuan of property

by:Cheerong     2020-03-19
On March 14, the reporter learned from Sanya Phoenix International Airport that the trolley staff at the airport picked up 300,000 yuan of property. On March 13, at 14 pm, Sanya Phoenix International Airport (hereinafter referred to as 'Sanya Airport') trolley staff Liu Henghua was at A silver trolley case was picked up at the entrance of Passage 2 of the domestic terminal parking lot, and the trolley case was handed over to the police station in the terminal. The police opened the box and counted it, and found that there were some 300,000 yuan in cash, clothing and medicines in the box. Airport trolley staff found 300,000 yuan of property It is understood that at 14 o'clock on the same day, when the trolley employee Liu Henghua collected luggage trolleys in the parking area of ??the domestic terminal building B, he found that there was a silver trolley case at the entrance of the 2nd parking lot. No one came to claim it. Out of professional discipline and ethics, he did not open the box, but went straight to the security checkpoint of Sanya Airport to check whether there was any dangerous goods in the box. Upon inspection, it was found that there were suspected RMB and clothing in the box. Upon learning that the contents were very valuable, he immediately handed the trolley case to the airport police station. Upon inspection of the police at the police station, it was found that there were 300,000 yuan in cash, clothing and medicines in the package. ? According to the police of the terminal, Mr. Jin, a passenger, came to the police station of the terminal about 3 hours after receiving the lost items, and after checking by the police of the police station, the trolley was indeed lost by Mr. Jin. According to the owner, Mr. Jin, a friend was waiting to be greeted in the parking lot, but he accidentally left the box in the parking lot of Sanya Airport during the boarding process. The cash in the original box was used for prepayment of the house. He lost his things and was very anxious. He returned to the police station in the terminal with an attitude of looking for something, but to his surprise, the box was left intact. When he got it back, Liu Henghua was so impressed with his noble character that he was so impressed with gold. Mr. Jin said repeatedly: 'Thank you, thank you, I praise the excellent professional ethics of Sanya Airport staff!'
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