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Are airport trolleys different from supermarkets?

by:Cheerong     2020-03-20
Airport trolleys are different from supermarket trolleys. The main difference is that the former has brakes and the latter has special wheels. How to use airport trolleys: The airport trolley has a brake device. There are parallel bars under the push handle. You need to press this bar when pushing it, and keep pressing it to make the car go. If you release the main bar, you can't go. Supermarket trolleys do not have brakes, but in supermarkets equipped with moving walkways to go up and down stairs, trolley wheels are special. The outer edges of each side of the wheels are concave, and the grooves are designed with concave and convex grooves. Concave fit. The wheel of the trolley can be caught in the concave and convex groove of the conveyor belt of the moving walkway, and it can be used for positioning to prevent accidental sliding.
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