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Structural characteristics of air container

by:Cheerong     2020-03-13
The air container is a container designed according to the shape of the cargo hold of the aircraft to ensure the maximum loading rate of the limited space in the cargo hold. There are huge differences in the structure and materials of air containers and international standard containers. Generally speaking, the characteristics of air container structures include: ① It is necessary to reduce the mass of the air freight container as much as possible, so the material constituting the box body is mainly aluminum alloy, and meets the requirements of GB / T15140; ② On the premise of meeting the requirements of strength and rigidity, it should reduce its own mass as much as possible; ③ The box itself and its internal structure should consider the movement limiting device, including the movement of the goods in the box and the movement of the box in the engine room; ④ When there is a rapid pressure loss in the cabin, the internal pressure of the box must be able to adapt to the pressure in the cabin, and the box must have a ventilation area of ??at least 5 square centimeters per cubic meter; ⑤ The inner and outer surfaces of the cabinet should avoid sharp corners and edges, as well as overly rough surfaces; ⑥ For a box with a fork groove, the fork inlet and the support seat should be able to transmit the load to the lower base, but the pressure on the lower base cannot exceed 9.55 kPa; ⑦ At the appropriate position on the outside of the box, there should be a handle for manually moving the box. Each handle should be able to withstand a pull force of 4449 cattle in any direction. At present, the commonly used aviation containers are AKE container, AMF container, AAU container and AMA container.
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